Avoid this store, located at 35 & North. They employ the laziest people.

For example when you walk in there is almost never any carts available, they are all out in the parking lot. I once saw no carts and a employee bringing in 1 cart. The meat department is in consstant disarray, chicken mixed with beef, empty slots of meat, and my favorite, hot dogs so old they are green and grey colored.

Also do not buy any of their bagged fruit (like apples or oranges), half the time the bottom portions are rotten. The customer service is awful, check out clerks are on cells, management is never around, stock people also use their cells and hide from customers, asile are filthy, and after all that expect LONG waits at checkout, as they usually only have 3 checkouts open at a time.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #624285

I agree with LadyScot. As far as the shopping cars go, when I pull up into a parking lot and see an empty cart, I take it with me, and that way I have a cart available for my use.

I also kind of use it as a walker.

I haven't bought bagged fruit for years because you get better quality when you buy the pieces individually. I also don't believe the story about the hot dogs.

Naples, Florida, United States #624269

With the exception of the cell phones and the fruit, every issue you have can be blamed on CUSTOMERS. Customers leave the carts all over the place, customers make the mess of the store.

As for the cell phones, you are not the cell phone police, and when an employee is on break they can do as they please. Further more, and no I do not work there, but whether I am on the clock or not, it is none of a customer's business what the *** I do.

The fruit is not bagged by the store, and it stands to reason that when you put fruit on each other some will be damaged. Buy it loose and you can choose the ones you want. Even the packing houses have this issue and no one can do a thing to make it different. The only difference is in a packing house, the damaged fruit is used for juices and such.

The hot dogs I have a hard time believing.

to LadyScot Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #627562

You are absolutely correct. Customers (in any type of store) can really mess things up and then it looks bad for the owner.

But...there's no respect for anyone or anything any longer so I guess we have to get used to this.

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